Dry Kisses Only


Dry Kisses Only
A film by Jane Cottis and Kaucyila Brooke
1990, 75 minutes, Color, VHS
Order No. W99159

Through manipulated film clips, the hilarious commentary of Theory Woman and interviews with the Lesbian on the Street, this marvelous videotape explores the lesbian subtext of classical films—the dry kisses of the tape’s title. Hollywood movies are re-edited to find the truth behind the relationships between the heroine and the “other woman.” Dykella and Dykenna chew over lesbian vampire stereotypes. And gossip columnist Lady Manilla Lively gives the inside scoop on lesbians in today’s Hollywood. DRY KISSES ONLY tells a story at once obvious and long-overdue, affirming the validity of lesbian readings of popular culture and the tenuous truths of gossip.

Distributed by Women Make Movies